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Getting over the biggest hurdle in product development: You

You, yes you, the product manager.I know that sounds counter intuitive: how can the product owner/manager be the biggest hurdle in the product development process? Kind of asking for your P45 here mate. But, I mean this in the sense […]

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Twitter :Twittergate aka #riptwitter, what can we learn?

I don’t usually write topical blogs, I prefer to keep my blog more evergreen.  I also enjoy the challenge of not directly calling out companies but rather have the reader guess who it could be, but in this case I […]

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Mobile, we aren’t there yet

Mobile…Think back to May 2015…….. Google rolls out an initiative to penalise websites that aren’t legible on a mobile device. There were a few high profile casualties: The EU website, BA to name a couple, the media dubbed this “Mobilgeddon!”, […]

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Things to remember when embarking on A/B testing

Testing, yeah we do that, been doing that for a couple of years, A/B testing is at the core of what we do mate. I can’t get enough of it.I tend to get told this alot, but then when I […]

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5 Things you should do when starting a new product role

New year, and a new product role on the horizon? At this time of year people start to look to the next year with one of two attitudes, it’s either “Right I am going to progress at doing x,y,z, bring […]

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The Lonely Innovator: Where can you have an effect?

The Innovator has arrived. It can be a lonely place in product, especially in organisations starting on the agile journey.  Although we are in the digital golden age, priorities are at an all time high, budgets are being stretched and […]

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6 bets for Product Management in 2016

Ah December, that month where we reflect and look forward whilst overindulging on turkey and port! (Well, I do anyway). 2015 has been a massive year for product, and much like how agile project methodologies became the standard for delivering […]

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Being decisive when you haven’t got a clue

Being decisive Being decisive is an art, a skill, a dance, and a sport. Like all sports, confidence is half the battle. In an age where we are encouraged to learn from mistakes and take risks, how can we say […]

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How to keep the momentum going after MVP

Momentum after the MVP can be a hard thing to obtain.  All products start life with the best intentions, but due to many reasons there is an ever-expanding corner of the internet turning into an elephants graveyard of betas, MVP’s and […]

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How to write nailed on user stories

Tips for writing user stories   Essentially, user stories are a vehicle for getting stuff done. We say what we want, for whom, and what the end goal for each request is. The product team will then take said request […]

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