DDP students can apply for accommodation at Yale-NUS College in Grade 5. Housing construction is not yet guaranteed. If a DDP student wishes to remain on campus for grade 5, they must participate in the campus room in the middle of semester 2 (details/dates published annually). Students can no longer apply for accommodation after this operation. During the 5th year of apartment, DDP students must pay the current rate for housing construction, not get the rate at university entrance. Please also note that no financial assistance is available for housing construction in the 5th year. Students residing in NEI accommodations from AY 2020/2021 are subject to the agreement below. Demerit Point Structure Housing Agreement (in conjunction with the housing contract to read) Students who are in their 5th year at the Yale NEI must follow the same rules mentioned above with respect to housing construction. The construction of housing is not yet complete and must be requested during the spring semester room draw before the start of the apartment. CDP students can also apply for accommodation at Yale-NUS College in Grade 5. However, only CDP students who have not yet graduated from Yale-NEI at the end of Grade 4 can apply. Check with your university advisor to find out if you are unsure of your status.

All other advice on housing construction is the same as for DDP students (mentioned above). Seniors in Grade 5 who have already completed their 8 Sem residency obligation pay the current residence rate. If you haven`t completed your 8 semesters, pay your cohort rate. Safe Management Guidelines for NUS hostels (revised August 21, 2020) a home away from home. Campus life, which connects a life on campus, offers an immersion in a living multinational environment. Students residing at Cinnamon (USP) College, College of Alice – Peter Tan, Prince George`s Park Residences, Residential College 4, Ridge View Residential College, Tembusu College and UTown Residence are subject to the appropriate rules and regulations below. Rules and Rules for Student Residences and Colleges All questions regarding the above information can be addressed to [email protected] Students residing in the following residences are subject to the following rules and regulations. Eusoff Hall Kent Ridge Hall King Edward VII Hall PGP House Raffles Hall Temasek Hall Students staying in AY 2020/2021 NEIs must comply with the various security measures (Covid-19).