I`ve drawn up a delivery plan. if I have the delivery plan no in the OP in “Framework Agreement.” The error message appears, i.e. very good information in this forum about the delivery plan This is due to the fact that the delivery plans require that the classification be completed. Select the appropriate position and press the button in the position section of the delivery plan: Click Detail Button for a position item if you want to view the delivery plan, then use the ME33L code You can search for the search term that is maintained in the basic debit data or even by name. To stay search-specific, enter the corresponding distribution organization, so that only debtors kept in your distribution organization are displayed. If you decide to find the customer with the name, enter the customer`s first name with the name before and after the name. This is called wildcard research. As a delivery plan is a legal proof, the system invites you to fill out the validity dates: as the delivery plan contains the dates and quantities of delivery, deliveries are determined on the basis of the quantity delivered. Let`s first look at the details of the delivery in the delivery plan: The details of the delivery plan usually contain: Contract Contract is a draft contract and they do not contain delivery dates for the equipment. The contract consists of two types: press Entry once you have selected the part sold so that the SAP system can accept the debitor and continue to establish the delivery plan.

If two parts of the shipment have been assigned to the customer, a dialog box will be displayed to select the corresponding field that your customer has ordered to sell. Double-click on the desired and the same will be selected. If you enter item classifications in the delivery plan, the system adds up the quantities already entered and compares them to the expected quantity and quantity already delivered. This gives you an overview of all the open quantities. Validity data of the delivery plan fill out, i.e. “Valid” and “Valid to date”: Enter the validity dates of the delivery plan An appointment with valid dates duly completed Here you can see that no value has been updated in the net value field in the head of the delivery plan: Net value is zero Once you have established the delivery plan and you are satisfied with the information provided , press or CTRL-S to store the delivery plan. The delivery contract was successfully saved the framework agreement is a long-term sales contract between Kreditor and Debitor. Structure chords are two types: please note that each field with a “tic character” means its mandatory and it must be replenished otherwise, the SAP system will not allow you to go any further.