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Things to remember when embarking on A/B testing

Testing, yeah we do that, been doing that for a couple of years, A/B testing is at the core of what we do mate. I can’t get enough of it.I tend to get told this alot, but then when I […]

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Being decisive when you haven’t got a clue

Being decisive Being decisive is an art, a skill, a dance, and a sport. Like all sports, confidence is half the battle. In an age where we are encouraged to learn from mistakes and take risks, how can we say […]

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How to keep the momentum going after MVP

Momentum after the MVP can be a hard thing to obtain.  All products start life with the best intentions, but due to many reasons there is an ever-expanding corner of the internet turning into an elephants graveyard of betas, MVP’s and […]

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Social Media... if you are into that sort of thing

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