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5 Things you should do when starting a new product role

New year, and a new product role on the horizon? At this time of year people start to look to the next year with one of two attitudes, it’s either “Right I am going to progress at doing x,y,z, bring […]

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The Lonely Innovator: Where can you have an effect?

The Innovator has arrived. It can be a lonely place in product, especially in organisations starting on the agile journey.  Although we are in the digital golden age, priorities are at an all time high, budgets are being stretched and […]

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How to write nailed on user stories

Tips for writing user stories   Essentially, user stories are a vehicle for getting stuff done. We say what we want, for whom, and what the end goal for each request is. The product team will then take said request […]

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5 Tools no product team should be without

A good PM uses good tools What I love about our industry is the fact our ways of working change almost on a weekly basis; this could be due to industry, management, or experimentation. But to enable the benefits of any […]

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UAT: Why leave it to the last minute?

It’s amazing how many products come to market that you look at and say “Jesus…… Did anyone actually use this before they released it?!” Bugs all over the place, terrible user experience, and no real reason to come back. It […]

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