We would like to get some offers for the purchase and leasing of a Toshiba copy. We already had a Toshiba model and we want to continue with another. We would be interested in buying if the price was correct.-IT company, Boston, MA Toshiba was founded in 1939, when two electronics manufacturers merged and produced innovative and industry-leading products for more than seven decades. And like any successful brand, they have developed a variety of products tailored to the needs of businesses at all levels. Toshiba established our best copiers in 2011, Top Copiers 2012, Top Copiers 2013, a list of award-winning or recognized copiers throughout the industry. Currently leasing a Toshiba e-studio 35 Copiers.-Real Estate Agent, Pittsford, NY All Toshiba photocopiers can be purchased directly or financed by lease. Leasing is the most economical way to finance your new Toshiba photocopier, as you can spread the cost of the equipment over 3 to 5 years. They pay the same fixed amounts, either quarterly or monthly. If you erd your device, you may find that you can afford a machine with a higher specification than you would when you purchased. It also allows for greater flexibility in the future if you want to upgrade your equipment. We currently have a Toshiba lease agreement, the Toshiba E Studio 353 photocopier, this is our second lease we had with Toshiba. We currently pay $226.30, we have a monthly limit of 6500 copies, service and toner is included.

It`s a scanner and a photocopier, but I`m interested in fax capacity. He sorted and stapled. The importance of speed and quality as well as digitization and service is the greatest.-Financial Services Company, Carthage, MS Good Advice.I sold both – sometimes a combined agreement is useful, usually for larger implementations. The main theme is transparency and education. Yes, the customer should be careful, but the sales professional will be happy to draw attention to ALL issues related to their agreement. Large suppliers (IKON, etc.) put a lot on the table, but when it comes to leasing and financing, large companies are inherently inflexible compared to local little boys. I`m not sure most or any “local” boys have their own leasing company.