She sponsored the Writers` Action Group`s campaigns for the creation of the Public Lending Right and the Authors` Licensing and Collecting Society, which collected and distributed more than £100 million in payments to writers for the reproduction and broadcast of shows abroad, from a single room at the Guild Writers. WGGB also hosts the annual Writers` Guild Awards. In 1997, the WGGB merged with the Association of Playwrights, today there are about 2,600 members. Among the presidents, presidents and leaders of the WGGB were Lord (Ted) Willis, Jimmy Perry, Bryan Forbes, Denis Norden, Maureen Duffy, Alan Plater, Rosemary Anne Sisson, Wally K. Daly, Ian Curteis, J.C. These agreements define the minimum payment and conditions applicable to the entire sector for the engagement of actors, stage management, creatives, technicians and musicians. WGGB would like to highlight the importance of writing for children in all media. It works closely with other unions, including Equity, the Musicians` Union and the Society of Authors; and is a member of the British Copyright Council, the Creators` Rights Alliance, the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and other interest groups. Representatives of the WGGB regularly participate in briefings with the Arts Council, Ofcom, the Public Rights Agency and other national bodies. Among the latest campaigns is the Equality Writes campaign, which addresses inequality in the screen industry….