Marital mediation is the amount agreed by a party to obtain a person`s marriage. Such agreements are nullified and reject public order, for example. B an agreement on the sale of a young girl. Under English law, support and championship agreements are cancelled and do not refuse to go to public order. The first means financial defense or other if you have no legal interest in the object, while the championship is a good deal, if one party helps the other bias to recover the property and share the proceeds of the lawsuit. According to English law, both are non-hazard. Any agreement reached by two parties in different countries at the time of the war with another country is then considered not abundant. The agreements will not enter into force until there is peace between the countries. [2] If there were to be a situation where the parties were in agreement, when the countries were at war at the time of execution, it would also be null and void and the agreement would be brought to a standstill. The Gherulal Parakh vs. Mahadeodas Maiya, the Supreme Court, has stated that the doctrine of public order is a branch of the common law and that, like any other branch of the Common Law, it is governed by precedents.

When a person enters into an agreement that requires him to do something that goes against his or her public duty, the agreement is not enforced because of public order. Because z.B is an agent`s agreement to obtain secret profits, because it is contrary to public order. Similarly, an agreement by a government official to acquire land in his circle is illegal, contrary to public policy. Agreement requiring or obliging government officials not to perform the duty. To engage in corrupt practices. When a person enters into a contract or agreement with a public official, which is inconsistent with public policy. Such agreements are not concluded. Examples of such agreements are the corruption of the officer, the management of these activities, the public morality or the integrity of the nation.

In India, maintenance and mastery are not necessarily non-open. An agreement that must be a champertous in India must be extremely unfair for ruthless and contrary reasons. Thus, an agreement on the sharing of the proceeds of litigation, when it is recovered in good faith for the continuation of the dispute, given the availability of the funds by another party, is not in itself contrary to public policy. However, if the advances are obtained by gambling in disputes, the agreement to share the revenues of disputes is contrary to public order and therefore not entitled to public order. Example: a paid B, a civil servant a certain amount of money that encourages him to withdraw from the service, thus paving the way for the appointment of A in his place. The agreement was rescinded. Public policy is the right way to do something for like-minded people, what is their opinion on a particular law that is made by the government, because in the long run, the way forward for future generational laws should be incompatible with that particular obligation. Public policy is such an instrument that allows the citizens of today`s society to organize the world government of tomorrow in order to maximize the well-being of citizens, which is why policies that are not contrary to public order are put in place.