WingStreet PHI and YUM reserved development rights! – In general. Anyway, what is described differently here, PHI, YUM! and/or related companies or the creators of such a company have the right at all times, the right to develop and/or license or license to others, the right to develop WingStreet outlets on an “Express” basis on one or all of the following sites, whether such a site is located within the operator`s area (if the operator operates under a franchise contract) or is directly adjacent to the operator`s site( The Tagliatella is AmRest`s own brand, which was part of the portfolio in April 2011. La Tagliatella restaurants are run by both AmRest and businesses operating restaurants on a franchise basis. For more information on cooperation, visit the brand`s website: effective on the first day of the month following the day PHI franchisees have jointly developed and opened a sum of 1,000 WS Co-Brand Outlets in the United States (except Hawaii), the advertising contributions and spending plans above have no effect. Instead, the operator will contribute, in the appropriate manner, to the wholesale WingStreet operator`s sales percentages during the previous year`s period: colleges and university courts; military bases; toll roads and amusement parks. PHI, Yum! or their subsidiaries or design partners also have the right to establish and operate WingStreet Outlet, WingStreet Express or WS Co-Brand Outlet at any time in a commercial area, market or other geographic area exclusively occupied by the PHI-Unternehmens Restaurants system or any other area that is not anything else a franchised territory or a single site region (together the “PHI commercial areas”). The above booking of the WingStreet development rights booked PHI, Yum! Brands, Inc. or their affiliates or designers should be added to and not in place of PHI, Yum! Brands, Inc. or the rights of their related companies or agents that are reserved for the franchise agreement.

on the other hand, in the event of a violation or breach of the operator`s development and operating obligations, all rights and remedies granted to PHI under the franchise agreement are limited to the operator`s WingStreet operation. The operator accepts the licences granted under this addition and agrees to build, maintain and operate the WS Co-Brand Outlets in accordance with these WingStreet plans and specifications; Any confidential manual that may be presented to the operator for the document; other manuals and procedures that may be included in the WingStreet system, as they are reviewed from time to time; and in accordance with the WingStreet system and the conditions of this addendum. The operator is not entitled to open a WS Co-Brand Outlet unless, at the time of opening, the operator is up to date on all monetary obligations that are the responsibility of the PHI or one of its related companies; The operator and its related companies do not have an irrevocable notification of a delay in the franchise agreement or other franchise agreement between the operator or one of its related companies and PHI or any of its related businesses; and, operator PHI has certified that the WS Co-Brand Outlet has been brought into compliance with the plans and specifications that have been available to the operator so far; Equipment installed on the WS CoTBrand Outlet meets the latest equipment specifications available to the operator; and that the WS Co-Brand Outlet complies with all federal, municipal, regional and other laws, regulations and regulations. The satisfaction of the crileria WingStreet financial sustainability crileria, which it is about, is determined on the basis of a county category, as noted above.