The Promoter undertakes to defend all parties who have entered into this Agreement and not to be held liable for any debts that may result from improper packaging, documentation or delegation of goods related to the process in question. If, at any time, legal proceedings are initiated due to the lack of FDA guidance, the sponsor will not hold the parties responsible for the proceeding. These payments are based exclusively on a fair market value of hiking trails that take place in the same geographic location. The organization may request additional funding at any time at the time of the expenditure, with written notification and proof of fees. The institution is not obliged to participate in the aforementioned clinical trial on the basis of the sponsor`s financial offers. The sponsor has agreed to financially support the clinical trial as follows: all services performed by the sponsor remain the property of the sponsor during and after the end of the study. PandaTip: Sponsors of clinical trials often provide equipment or other assets, in addition to financial support. In this section of the model, you can describe in detail all the materials that the sponsor will provide during the clinical trial. PandaTip: This overview section is the standard for clinical trial agreements and describes the responsibilities of the parties concerned with regard to the ongoing monitoring and reporting of protocol changes. PandaTipp: To add details about the clinical trial, just click on the template text box below. This Study Agreement may only be amended by mutual written consent of the authorized representatives of all Members who have currently entered into this Clinical Trials Agreement. The institution shall reimburse all parties for all costs and charges resulting from the main hearing during or after the trial period. .

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